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Comprehensive Maintenance Plans

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At Flow Pro Plumbing, we understand that owning a home can feel like a never-ending work in progress—and you put a lot of time and money into making your space perfect. Instead of throwing money at plumbing emergencies and repairs, invest in the future of your plumbing system by signing up for our simple, affordable, and comprehensive maintenance plans. For only $15.99 a month, we provide peace of mind to homeowners in Brentwood and throughout Contra Costa County.

Our service plans include:

  • A yearly home inspection
  • 10% off all plumbing services
  • A yearly water heater flush
  • Tag all emergency shut offs
  • Visual leak inspection
  • In depth diagnosis
  • Priority scheduling on services
  • Our trusted, 5-star customer service

Benefits of Plumbing Maintenance

You might be surprised to learn that maintenance can do more than simply detour repairs. In fact, our professional annual maintenance can improve your home in a variety of unexpected ways.

6 benefits of regular plumbing maintenance:

  1. Increases the lifespan of your plumbing: Buildup inside your pipes can put undue stress on your system. This stress can cause premature leaks and lead to bigger plumbing issues. Our maintenance plan includes a visual inspection for leaks and a discount on drain cleaning services.
  2. Saves you money: Don’t waste your money on plumbing repairs and high monthly bills. Regular maintenance will increase your system’s efficiency and reduce the frequency of repairs.
  3. Improves water flow: Water pressure can be drastically affected by buildup in your pipes and minor leaks. Our maintenance services can stop the trickle!
  4. Raises your indoor air quality: While it might not initially seem related, your plumbing system, when not properly maintained, can spew airborne contaminants into your home.
  5. Reduces plumbing emergencies: Not only does maintenance limit plumbing repairs but can also reduce large-scale emergencies like major leaks due to corrosion.
  6. Improves the taste and cleanliness of your water: While drinking water throughout California is generally safe, you might find that your water tastes slightly metallic or looks cloudy. Regular maintenance combined with a water filtration system can improve the taste and quality of your drinking water.

To learn more about our simplified maintenance plans, give our team a call today at (925) 436-1717.


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