Don't Let Pipe Noises Make Your House Feel Haunted This Halloween


The Scary Sounds Are Your Pipes!

Sometimes it feels like your house comes alive during the night. During these quiet hours, it can feel like sounds are coming from all directions. During October, these sounds can sometimes take on a life of their own, making your house feel haunted.

Before you get carried away and panic over the potential of having ghosts, it’s a good idea to check your plumbing system. Often times pipe noises can be the source of spooky sounds. To help identify and address those sounds, here are some tips from professionals.

Is Your Water Pressure Okay?

Scary Sounds

If you’re hearing humming sounds from your pipes, you might have a water pressure issue. The water pressure in your home should not be above 80 psi (pounds per square inch).

When it gets too high, it can cause a vibration of pipes, which is what creates the often-concerning humming sound. If the water pressure is higher than it should be, it can create a number of issues for your home’s plumbing systems.

As a result, it’s something that you want to resolve as soon as possible. If you hear a humming sound or are concerned about the water pressure in your home, it’s a good idea to contact a professional. A plumber can easily check your water pressure and make adjustments as needed.

Whistling Sounds in Pipes

While a whistling sound in your pipes might not be caused by anything spooky, it is a sound that should be concerning. Whistling is often caused by an impediment somewhere in a piping system. When water passes through a space smaller than intended, it makes the whistling sound.

Why?This impediment could be caused by a bad valve, a deteriorated valve or a mineral build-up. This is an issue that can lead to a plumbing emergency, so it’s important to locate the impediment and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Air Bubbles Creating Banging Sounds?


If you hear banging noises in your pipes, it might be caused by air bubbles. Air bubbles and turbulence in pipes can create a water hammer, which causes the banging sound.

Turbulence leads to increased force on certain areas of pipes, which can lead to leaks or even a burst pipe. Potential fixes for a water hammer include changing the water pressure, getting rid of air bubbles, or fixing any broken fixtures that are creating turbulence.

If you have concerning pipe noises, it’s a good idea to locate the source of those noises and resolve any issues as soon as possible. Consider contacting a trusted professional for help with these noises to avoid a plumbing emergency.

Work With a Local Plumber

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