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Repiping services are often suggested only when a piping system is so old or damaged that no amount of repairs can fix its problems. If you fear your piping system has reached this point, then get on the phone and call the repiping contractors at Flow Pro Plumbing today!

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What Are Some Signs You Should Call a Repipe Company?

Having a broken or leaking pipe doesn’t always mean you need to replace your entire pipe system. Often, you can repair the pipe or just replace the broken section. If, however, your pipe system has suffered extreme damage, or is more than 20 years old, you may be in need of a whole house repipe.

You should also consider repiping if:

  • You’re having continuous repair issues with your current piping system.
  • The water coming from your faucets has an unusual color or taste to it.
  • Your water pressure has decreased inexplicably.
  • You experience multiple or recurring leaks.
  • Your pipes show signs of corrosion, like from limescale.

Why Choose Copper Pipes Over Galvanized Steel?

While galvanized steel pipes were once the standard in American plumbing, they have long since been surpassed in that arena by everything from copper to PEX pipes. In fact, today galvanized steel pipes are rarely if ever, installed and many of the people who do still have them in their home are choosing to replace their current steel pipes with copper ones. This is because steel pipes have a tendency to rust or corrode faster than other metals, which could lead to an eventual burst. Steel pipes also clog quickly, and since steel piping systems are usually found in older homes and buildings, they could be nearing the end of their lifespan very soon.

Copper pipes, on the other hand, are lightweight and recyclable, resist corrosion, and last an extremely long time compared to other piping materials. Copper pipes can be used from everything to both hot and cold water lines to drain-waste-vent lines, and can even be installed without the use of any hazardous chemicals, making them safer for your family!

If you’re ready to replace your galvanized steel piping system with one of copper, call the repiping experts at Flow Pro Plumbing today!

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