Clogged Toilet Repair

Brentwood Clogged Toilet Repair

If your toilet is clogged or otherwise in need of repairs, or you’re looking for help with a toilet installation or replacement, you’ve come to the right place! Our experienced, licensed, and highly trained plumbers are residential plumbing experts, and will provide customized plumbing solutions to even the most challenging problems.

Clogged Toilet? Let Us Fix It

If your toilet has a small clog nearer to the opening of the drain, you might be tempted to unclog it yourself using a plunger, or store-bought drain cleaner. However, if the clog is further back in the line or is too severe to remove with a plunger, professional help may be needed. Our plumbing contractors can repair a clogged toilet using our power snaking (auger) method or even more intensive hydro jetting services.

Snaking is the tried and true method of pipe cleaning that can be performed on all kinds of pipes, even PVC. It involves using an auger, or snake, to pierce the obstruction and clear a path through the pipe. The disadvantage with this method is that it can only clear a path as big as the auger’s tip, so you will likely need to snake the line again in the near future.

If it doesn’t flow, call the pro at Flow Pro Plumbing! Call (925) 450-6669.

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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet?

Not sure if your toilet is repairable or if it’s time to replace it? There are certain issues that either can’t be repaired, or cost too much to repair.

Ask about toilet replacement service if:

  • Your toilet is old and requires expensive replacement parts like a new seat, flapper, or valves.
  • Your toilet bowl, tank, or tank cover is cracked. This may start out as just a hairline fracture but can eventually lead to extensive water damage to your bathroom.
  • Your toilet is continually clogging.
  • Your Toilet has become worn, developing severe scratches or areas that show stains and attract dirt.
  • Your monthly water bill has increased noticeably without any noticeable change in water use. Most newer toilets use less water than older models.

Visit the reviews page to read all about how happy our customers are with our toilet repair service.

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Flow Pro Plumbing is happy to help you repair or replace your toilet in the Brentwood area! If it doesn’t flow, call the pro at (925) 450-6669!