Brentwood Water Leak Detection

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Do you hear phantom water sounds when no one is running water? Have your floors or walls become wet or discolored? Has your monthly water bill gone up drastically for seemingly no reason? If so, you may have a hidden water leak.

Fortunately, Flow Pro Plumbing has experienced and knowledgeable contractors available to help you with water and plumbing leak detection. Give us a call today to locate the source of your leak, so we can get to work fixing it!

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What Causes a Hidden Water Leak?

No doubt that a hidden water leak can lead to a plumbing nightmare! Knowing what causes water leaks is important because it helps you understand how to avoid them.

Here are some factors that could potentially cause a water leak in your home:

  • Freezing pipes- This may not be an issue in California, but in other parts of the country it is one of the biggest concerns with water pipes
  • Corrosion- Rust and other forms of corrosion can eat away at your pipes, causing them to weaken and eventually leak
  • Tree roots- Tree roots can puncture a water line and cause a leak. Make sure to avoid running pipes near growing trees
  • Aging pipes- As pipes age, they can become weaker, and become more susceptible to cracking or breaking
  • Poorly installed pipes- If pipes are not correctly fitted together, the point where they meet can spring a leak.
  • Cracks in your system- Any cracks in your piping system can allow water to escape. To make matters worse, this can cause pressure to build up in your pipe, and eventually cause it to burst!

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What Dangers Do Leaking Pipes Present?

If not addressed, leaking pipes can cause substantial flooding and severe damage to your home (both indoors and outside) and personal belongings. They can also cause your water bill to rise drastically, leaving you paying for water you're not using.

A small leak can grow with time, or even cause a pipe to burst eventually, causing extreme damage to your plumbing system. Water leaks can also lead to dangerous health hazards like mold growth and electrical shortages.

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