Essential Tips To Keep in Mind For Preventing Root Clogs


How To Stop Tree Roots from Damaging Your Pipes

A common cause of clogged pipes is the roots of surrounding trees and other plants. Trees especially have aggressive root systems that can invade pipes. Once the roots have found their way into the pipes, they will quickly begin to fill all of the available space as they grow. Since roots are attracted to the water in the drain, they will try to find any way they can.

Trees should not be planted in areas where important pipes will be running. This is one way to prevent root clogs, is by eliminating the roots in the first place. Even in the coldest months when the trees seem dormant above ground, they may be working their way into your pipes where you can’t see. This article will discuss some of the ways to prevent clogs of invasive tree root growth and how it can impact your home.


Drain Cleaning for Root Clog Prevention

Drain cleaning services clear debris and roots from the entrance of the pipes to prevent the roots from spreading. Routine drain cleaning can be a powerful tool in preventing annoying block ups and eventual rupture from root clogs. A lot of times high-powered water is used to wash out the roots and debris.

Sometimes a camera can be placed in the drain to reveal the root causing the obstruction. Usually, a combination of saws and water jets are used to clear the root. Because the roots can grow again, it’s always essential to get to the source of the problem the first time it’s noticed.

If you’re not sure whether or not the trees around your property are posing a risk, it’s a good idea to have the drains professionally cleaned at least every two years, preferably once a year in order to prevent a plumbing disaster.

How to Prevent Root Clog Disasters

Root clog disasters include ruptures that can be extremely pricey and can be inconvenient to repair. Some of the first signs of a root clog are gurgling noises when flushing toilets, as well as other funny noises or backwash coming from the sewer system when it’s in use.

Flooded RoomThe roots can make their way into the pipes and continue to expand and expand until the pipes are totally destroyed. Preventing the roots from getting to that point is the only way to stop the damage that comes along with root clogs. Additionally, because the root damage is often around or under your home, the repair process can oftentimes require excavation. This allows a plumbing contractor to gain access to the troubled pipe.

How to Stall Tree Root Growth


A powerful tool in preventing clogs from roots is using copper sulfate to stall tree root growth. This chemical compound halts the growth of tree roots, keeping them from making their way into the drains and eventually causing a total plumbing disaster.

The copper sulfate should be used to treat both the soil surrounding the pipes as well as inside the pipes. This way the roots are prevented from coming near the pipes at all.

Once inside, they will still need to be removed, but the copper sulfate will at least stall the growth to prevent ruptures until a proper drain cleaning is done. The compound can also be added to your toilet bowl to keep the sewer line clear as well.

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