3 Common Winter Plumbing Problems In Northern California

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In Northern California, we’re lucky enough to have mild winters. You won’t see us firing up snowblowers or pulling on big puffy coats to keep warm over the winter months. This doesn’t mean that our plumbing is completely protected from the weather, though!

Temperatures can still get low around Brentwood and beyond, especially once the sun goes down, and we see our fair share of rainfall between December and March. And while you’re not likely to have a burst pipe due to freezing temperatures like other states, a change in weather and the added precipitation can affect your plumbing in other ways.

The Flow Pro Plumbing team is here to let you know what your plumbing could be up against and how to protect it this season.

Sewer Backups

Heavy rainfall is a side effect of the winter months in Northern California. As the floodgates open, our streets and sewers fill up with water. The buildup of debris like sticks, dirt, and leaves will cause clogs in storm drains. Once at capacity, your sewer can overflow and head back up the pipes into your bathtub, toilets, and sinks.

When this happens, it’s important to call an emergency plumber right away. They will be better equipped to handle the contaminated water and get your home back in order.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t change the weather, and sometimes these backups are unavoidable. However, if at any time you notice your drains are emptying out slower than they should be, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your plumber as soon as possible. Clearing any existing blockages can make a huge difference in a sewer backup.

Broken Water Heaters

Jumping into a hot steamy shower is a great way to wake up on a chilly winter morning. You have your water heater to thank for that. But when the temperatures begin to drop, your water heater may have a difficult time keeping up with demand as it is working harder to warm up the now-colder groundwater.

Our best advice to avoid any hot water loss is to keep up with regular maintenance. At your maintenance appointment, a plumber will inspect the unit and give it a tune-up to ensure a smooth season of hot water. You can also lend your hot water heater a hand by taking shorter showers and waiting 10-20 minutes between showers.

Thinking about a more permanent solution to your water heater issues? Consider installing a tankless water heater. These heaters provide hot water on-demand and take up less space in your home. They can also last up to 10 years longer than traditional units and are more energy efficient.

Damaged Pipes

As we mentioned earlier, you are not likely to experience a burst pipe due to a sudden change in temperature in Northern California. However, your pipes can still be at risk during the winters here. As the ground becomes softer due to heavy rainfall, there is a larger chance of shifting rocks, sticks, and pipes.

We recommend adding drainage solutions to your yard to help divert rainwater away from your property. Scheduling a complete plumbing inspection of your home could also help plumbers identify any trouble spots and repair them ahead of large amounts of rain.

Your Brentwood Plumber

When this winter takes its toll on your plumbing, the Flow Pro Plumbing team has got you covered! Our plumbing experts are here to help when you need us most, whether in an emergency or for regular maintenance. Give us a call at (925) 450-6669 or book your appointment with us online!