Calling A Plumber Shouldn’t Make You Cringe

No one ever wants to call a plumber. Typically, it means a leak or some other disaster rather than a social call. But, disaster or not, Jesse Delgado and his wife, Kayla, of Flow Pro Plumbing say they believe that calling a plumber should be a positive experience.

Jesse and Kayla started Flow Pro Plumbing in 2017 in Brentwood after seeing a need for a customer-first approach to the industry that they said was not being met.

“There are a lot of stigmas around plumbers that we want to avoid,” Kayla said, adding that plumbers have a reputation among customers for being untrustworthy, dirty, or even unprofessional. “There seems to be a huge lack of customer service in general, and we knew we could do it better.”

Flow Pro boasts a flat-rate service as just one of many ways to differentiate themselves from the frustrations customers may have experienced with other plumbing companies. Prices are made clear to customers before the toolbox is even opened and change only if the scope of the work changes, according to Kayla.

“If a one-hour job turns into a six-hour job for me, we’re still only charging the customer for one,” Jesse added. “What we have done with flat rate, upfront pricing eliminates the gamble. No more stressing about trips to the store, or having an inexperienced plumber perform your repairs. Our customers get to decide if the price for their job meets their budget and needs prior to starting the work.”

This customer-first approach is a point of pride for both Kayla and Jesse, and seems to resonate with their customers. Flow Pro Plumbing has won numerous awards, including the honor of Gold in the 2021 Best of Oakley poll.

Kayla comes from an extensive customer service background and continues to use those skills to ensure anyone who calls Flow Pro feels they are getting the best experience possible; Jesse is a second-generation plumber. He recalls going on calls with his father, a plumber in San Diego. On these trips, he learned the attention to detail that Flow Pro makes a core part of their approach.

The Delgados keep their staff small in order to ensure each customer is given the same level of professionalism and quality “white glove service” that Jesse himself would provide. Plumbers working for Flow Pro are expected to undergo weekly trainings to ensure they are able to provide the best service available to their customers.

“The goal is to provide quality service over quantity,” Kayla said. “The gauge by which we run our business is ‘what will it take to provide a 5-star service on every single call?’ Our hyper-focus on customer service is what has allowed us to create long-term relationships with our clients. We focus on creating long-term solutions to our customers’ plumbing issues. If that means we only have four trucks on the road providing the best service instead of 10 just doing an okay job, then that’s what we do.”

Jesse said Flow Pro Plumbing’s next venture is a desire to get into community outreach.

“I’d love to be able to work more on providing service to the elderly or to those who maybe can’t easily afford plumbing service,” he said. “Serving the community the best we can is always the main goal. Growth comes naturally with that, but it comes second. Being a positive part of our community is always first.”

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