Clean Your Drains Often to Avoid Awful Odors

Would you like a fresher, cleaner home? Of course! Who wouldn’t? One way to keep a cleaner house isn’t necessarily about sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming more often. It actually may have to do more with ongoing maintenance of some of your home’s components, like your plumbing.

Drain cleaning, for instance, makes sure that water and your plumbing are fresh and nice-smelling, which improves the overall atmosphere in your home. The alternative is having awful odors coming from your plumbing. Here are some causes of your smelly drains and what you can do about it.

Sink Contamination

If you’ve let lots of food scraps fall down your kitchen sink, and haven’t had drain cleaning done, the debris gathers in the drains. Over time it decomposes, creating an awful smell.

Have you ever thought about installing garbage disposal? This unit could help you eliminate the problem by whisking garbage away from your sink. Alternatively, make sure that food scraps go in the garbage or the compost instead of pushing them down the drains.

Your sink might also smell if you don’t run the water very often. If the P-trap (the curved part under the sink) gets too dry, there is nothing between the gases present in the sewer line and your home plumbing. To fix this issue, run the water every so often.

Get Help From Professionals

You would rely on your local plumber if you had a plumbing emergency, right? Why not count on him to help you fix the smelly plumbing?

It takes special tools and equipment to figure out exactly why your plumbing stinks. At any rate, a professional can take care of it the quickest and get you back on track again.

Your local plumber can also advise you about how to prevent this problem from re-occurring.

Maybe it is Sulfur

If that smell coming from your plumbing reminds you of rotten eggs, you have a sulfur problem. However, you need to figure out if it is coming from your water or from your pipes because those are two different problems.

To figure this out, pour a glass of water from the tap that you think is the problem. Does the water smell? Dump that water out, go to another tap, and get more water.

If that smells too, your water is contaminated, not the plumbing. If the water doesn’t smell, you may have a clog in or build-up on the pipes of that drain.

To learn about how drain cleaning can improve your household, give us a call!