Focusing On Water Safety During National Wellness Month

August is National Wellness Month, which focuses on encouraging healthy routines, reminding people to properly manage stress, and highlighting the importance of regular self-care. One essential healthy habit is drinking adequate amounts of water.

Given the important role that clean water plays in your overall health, today we’re going to talk a little bit about water safety and how you can ensure that you’re practicing healthy water habits.

Plumbing Services Enable Access to Clean Water

We often take for granted the constant supply of clean water that most of us have in our homes. However, without this, it would change almost every aspect of our lives.

Your home’s plumbing system enables you to have ready access to clean, potable water whenever you need it. This enables you to have the necessary water to drink, to cook, and to practice healthy hygiene.

Without your plumbing system, this would not be possible, and it would significantly impact almost all of your daily routines and your quality of life. So, this National Wellness Month, we hope that you’ll focus on drinking adequate amounts of water and that you’ll appreciate how fortunate we are to have access to clean water.

Utilizing Water Filters

Even with effective plumbing systems and clean water supplies, water filters can be a necessary addition to your home’s plumbing system. Water filters can help to make your water even safer to drink while also improving its taste and smell.

For many, this simple adjustment leads to drinking more water and, in turn, makes them much healthier. If you’re interested in adding a water filter in your home, there are options to use a whole-house filter or simply add one at a specific spot.

And, there are a variety of types depending on the type of filtration that you’re looking for. Activated carbon filters help to remove larger particles, sediment, and silt, to improve taste and odor. Reverse osmosis filters similarly improve the taste and smell, while effectively removing contaminants of all kinds.

If you’re concerned about viruses or bacteria, UV filters utilize new technology to destroy those without adding any chemicals to your water. Finally, if you need to soften your water, alkaline or infrared filters are a good choice. Water filters are an easy and effective way to help improve the water quality in your home to ensure that your water supply is as safe as possible.

Water Leaks and Water Safety

When we think about water safety, we often associate it with swimming or with pools. However, leaks in your home should also raise concerns about water safety.

Leaking pipes can lead to contamination of clean water, wastewater leaking into areas in your home, hard water and, damage to your home. Plus, even the smallest leak can waste a significant amount of water and can result in an increase in your water bill.

As a result, it’s a good idea to have your pipes inspected regularly to ensure that there are no water leaks that could lead to health or safety concerns. Water plays an integral role in your overall health, and your home’s plumbing system enables you access to the clean water that you need to stay healthy.

As with any technological advances, however, it’s important to safely use your home’s plumbing systems. If you have any concerns or questions about your home’s plumbing systems, call Flow Pro Plumbing today at (925) 450-6669.