Plumbing And Your Bathroom Remodel

Your Dream Bathroom Takes Work

Any bathroom remodeling project is bound to be filled with excitement, nerves, and a little bit of stress! From choosing the new layout, to picking the perfect fixtures and bath mats, remodeling is a very detailed process that a lot of homeowners choose to take on to create a more comfortable dream bathroom!

However, a bathroom remodel is more than tile changes and a new paint color. As the majority of your bathroom relies on plumbing, it’s essential to think critically about the inner workings of the old room in order to create the new room.

Read on for expert advice on a successful and hopefully less stressful remodel!

Plan Ahead

The longest portion of the remodeling process should be spent planning and learning. It is important to not rush through decisions as that is what leads to mistakes and overlooked steps.

Know What You Like

Head to Pinterest and create a board filled with images of bathrooms that you like. Include fixtures, paint colors, tiles… every detail! This will help you narrow down your taste and what you want the feel of your bathroom to be.

Set a Budget

If you don’t set a budget beforehand, there is no telling how the project could go and the cost could easily get out of hand. Settle on a budget and include a 10% cushion for unknown costs. You never know what could be lurking behind walls and floors that may require an extra fix!

Make a Plan

Once you have narrowed down your budget and the styles you like, it’s time to make a plan. This includes your layout, timeline, and which contractors and plumbers to hire. Once you make a plan, it is important to stick to it as closely as possible to avoid problems or unexpected budget changes.

Hire a Professional Plumber

As plumbers, we may be a little biased in saying that hiring a plumber is the most important part of your remodel, but it’s true! There are some homeowners who are gifted handy-people, however unless you have been through the extensive training that a professional plumber has been through, it’s best to leave it to the experts.

Plumbing in a remodel can take some extensive work, including re-routing piping. Avoid costly mistakes and a longer timeline by involving your plumber in every step of the remodel, especially planning!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The remodeling team at Flow Pro Plumbing is available to answer any questions you may have about your remodel in order to make it a smooth process.

Upgrades to Consider

Since you’re making changes, it’s time to think about what you’re missing from your current bathroom that you’d like in your new bathroom! There have been a lot of developments in plumbing technology that will give you a luxurious and comfortable getaway bathroom.

Full Bath

If you have the space, changing your half bathroom to a full bathroom can increase your property value. A full bathroom consists of a toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub. Skilled contractors and plumbers can be consulted to determine whether your home qualifies for this upgrade.

New Fixtures

There are some instances where you can re-use the fixtures in your old bathroom for your new one. This is a good way to save money if the fixtures are still relatively new and in good shape!

If your fixtures are drab and have seen better days, now is the perfect time to upgrade. Take this opportunity to go green and save water with a dual flush toilet, a low-flow showerhead, or a tankless water heater!


If you want to take the luxury even further, lighting can go a long way. Under the cupboard floor lighting is a subtle yet impactful detail that will light your way during those nighttime bathroom trips.

Vanity lights will give you a professional makeup counter feel, and a chandelier just screams grandeur!

Bathroom Remodels in Brentwood

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