What’s Your Plumbing Trying To Say To You?

Your kids might not be coming up with creative ways not to go to sleep when they claim to hear eerie noises. Take a second to listen–you might hear them too. No, you’re not hearing a ghost, a burglar, or a wild animal. You’re probably hearing your plumbing.

Oddly enough, pipes and plumbing can make a variety of noises and these typically occur because something isn’t right. We’re not claiming that they’re an emergency to be taken care of immediately, but these sounds should be addressed. This can easily be done during an annual plumbing inspection or sooner if there is a need.

Never Ignore Whistling Water Lines

When being taught how to whistle, you were probably told how to hold your mouth and then to blow air through that opening. Because the opening is smaller than normal and the air flows faster, a whistling noise occurs. The same can be said for your pipes. They are relatively small with a fair amount of water rushing through them.

If there are any loose parts or pieces, they will vibrate which adds to the noise. In addition, mineral buildup can account for a large amount of the noise, for the same reason, you can whistle. The buildups will close the size of the pipe, which creates higher pressure and the whistling sound results.

This whistling can be fixed by reducing water pressure. Allowing a professional to do this work will allow your pressure to be reduced while allowing enough flow for daily activities. In addition, a thorough drain and pipe cleaning can remove mineral buildup and any other debris that is impeding flow.

The Banging Isn’t Your Front Door

When the pressure in your pipes drops, it can easily lead to banging or knocking noises. This problem is also caused by the change in pressure when water is moving from the mainline to your home.

Another possible reason for these sounds could be your steam heating pipe. When there is condensate trapped in the radiator valve or if there is an improper slope back to the boiler a knocking or banging might be audible.

Gurgling Lines – The Precursor to Sewer Damage

Many people buy fountains to hear running water for its calming effects. If you do not have one of these fountains and all of your faucets are off, you could have a leak somewhere in your plumbing. This is a more urgent problem to take care of because it can cause water damage in addition to raising your water bill.

Gurgling noises coming from sink or bathtub drains or even your toilet are often indicative of a blocked or clogged pipe. This can stem from hair, too much toilet paper, toothpaste, soap scum, and other debris.

While trying to fix it yourself is the obvious option, it is not a good idea. Most people will opt for store-bought drain cleaner. This chemical is potent and can clear clogs, but it is also bad for your pipes, can burn your skin, and can potentially mix with household cleaners to create toxic fumes. Your best bet, in this case, is just to call a professional, allow us to inspect your plumbing, determine the cause and location of the clog, and get rid of it.